GreenGeeks Hosting Good or Bad?

Published: 03rd November 2010
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GreenGeeks Hosting any Good?

Here you are, this is my GreenGeeks Hosting Review.

GreenGeeks is considered to be a quite newly founded web hosting company, and already has become a leader in green hosting. This hosting company has won many awards; and not long ago, GreenGeeks is recommended to be the official web hosting provider among Drupal users in the "Drupal for Dummies" educational book. To be honest, for me I am not surprised by GreenGeeks' quick success - afterall the company is run by a known player in the hosting market.

What are the advantages of GreenGeeks?

High quality eco-friendly hosting

This service can be a fit for small businesses and for personal sites likewise. They offer the optimal service to make sure, that the quality of webhosting is high.
Unlimited traffic and hdd, one-click set up supported with Fantastico, and a huge number of supported e-commerce solutions. Things looks quite average in this area , this way customers can get whatever you can have at other hosting providers, with clean energy.
Disk SpaceUnlimited
Monthly BandwidthUnlimited
Addon DomainUnlimited

300% Eco-friendly WebHosting

What is the meaning of this? Well, GreenGeeks substitutes the electicity use of the machines with three times as much wind energy. If you want a bit more proof, than seen in the advertisments, take a look at GreenGeeks' green energy certificates. There is not much to add to that, I am convinced.
Because of this, there's no question,GreenGeeks would be the most eco-friendly hosting company on the planet.

Simple hosting service with 99.9% uptime

Hositng with GreenGeeks has huge PLUS in my opinion: it is the good technical background. According to the officials, Green Geeks has the latest servers and internet connection. Plus they perform daily backups.
This gives me the feeling of trust and I have no headaches about the web hosting troubles.
Things might cause you problems with GreenGeeks Hosting?

They are new: they don't have much business experience.

Bottom line is Green Geeks is a very good web hosting provider, my one worry is they are young. The company is still seen a startup company, so give them a little time to earn reputation and I am sure they will be huge.

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